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  PLC Trainer designed for Teachers

PLC Trainer & Course: Your Starting Point in Automation

1. PLC Panel

This is where you begin with automation. The PLC Panel provides hands-on experience in ladder logic, timers, and counters. Our easy-to-follow learning plans help you grasp the core concepts of PLCs quickly.

2. Industrial I/O, HMI, and VFD Panel

Get real-world experience with industrial input/output, Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI), and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD). This panel also features 3 pushbuttons, a selector switch, four lights for output, a potentiometer for analog input, and a voltmeter to view analog output. Learn how to create HMI screens, control motors, and understand how digital and analog signals work together.

3. Pneumatic Panel

The Pneumatic Panel offers a practical understanding of air-powered systems. Learn how to measure pressure, understand open and closed loops, and get feedback on system performance, just like you would in an industrial setting.

Industrial Components - Designed for learning

Mechatronics PLC Trainer

Industrial Components – Designed for learning

Fits in the lab or a classroom

This trainer is only about 19″ wide and 14″ deep.  Portable in design e panel makes it easy to move for training.  

It covers the following applications:

  • Basic Industrial Input / Output
  • Pneumatic Control
  • Motor Control
  • Analog and Digital Feedback
  • HMI / OP – Human Machine Interface / Operator panel color
  • Software is free.
  • Built on the CLICK PLC platform from Koyol known worldwide for excellence.


A modern industrial layout and style that allows for future user expansion in IoT / Industrial components. Powered by a PLC that includes multiple IoT technologies, easy to program and understand for the beginner and yet powerful for any tasks.


The History

This trainer has been years in refinement.

It is effective in both open lab settings and traditional lecture / lab instruction.

 It includes:

– Ethernet PLC
– eLearning for each unit
– Lab exercises with formative assessment

Serious PLC Specifications  

System Hardware 
  • PLC, Ethernet, serial and microUSB port.  Optional WiFi LAN/Bluetooth, microSD card slot. 
  • Industrial I/O
    • 4 – 22mm push buttons and selector switch
    • 4 – 22 mm indications
    • 2-Analog Input: 2-channel, current/voltage, 
    • Analog Output: 2-channel, current/voltage, 

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