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The unit of instruction covers a wide range of topics. It begins with an overview of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), and the different modules which comprise themsuch as the processor, input/output modules, and power supply. Then it delves into the different types of programming logic and the implementation of bit instructions. The module then progresses to control of pneumatic air cylinders and includes the use of repeat cycles and memory in PLCs. The next step covers counters and timers in PLCs, followed by Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and more advanced HMIs.

We have details labs and videos to help you and your learners retain more, understand more and have fun along the way!

Topics include:

  1. Overview of PLCs Systems
  2. ON/OFF Programming logic – Bit Instructions
  3. Pneumatic Air Cylinder Control
  4. Repeat Cycles and using memory
  5. Using Counters in PLCs
  6. Timers
  7. HMI – Operator Interfaces
  8. Advanced HMI
  9. Analog Sensors and Devices
  10. PLC to VFD Motor Control


Our eLearning is focused on meeting the needs of new and experienced learners to help make learning easy and avoid large jumps that leave people lost.  Each eLearning video is designed to inform, teach and demonstrate how to do the tasks in the lab.  This leads to higher comprehension and a great sense of accomplishment, which keeps motivation high and wanting to learn more.

Here are examples of the eLearning and learning labs.
Click on the images to view or watch.