Why Learning PLC Concepts Trumps Brand-Specific Training

In the realm of automation and control systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) are the linchpins of the industry. But too often, learners are funneled into brand-specific courses that focus on a single brand’s software and tools. This can create a tunnel-vision effect, where the learning is so niche that it doesn’t transfer well to other systems.

At Mechatronics Training, we take a different approach. We believe in teaching the universal principles of PLCs — the foundational concepts that apply no matter what brand you’re using. This philosophy is at the heart of our training, and here’s why:

The Pitfalls of Brand-Specific Training

  • Costly Licenses: Major brands require expensive software licenses, making the learning process a significant financial investment.
  • License Renewals: These costs aren’t one-time; they require renewals, adding to the long-term expense.
  • Proprietary Barriers: Each brand has its own unique system, which means learning one doesn’t necessarily help you with another.
  • Complexity: The learning curve for each system can be steep, focusing more on navigation than on core concepts.

The Advantages of Conceptual PLC Training

  • Software-Free Learning: By using the CLICK PLC, we eliminate the need for costly software, allowing our students to focus on the principles of PLCs.
  • Transferrable Skills: Understanding PLC concepts is like learning the language of automation; once you know it, you can adapt to any PLC environment.
  • Real-World Application: We teach skills that apply directly to the field, not just to a simulation or a single brand’s system.
  • Efficiency: Without the overhead of complex software, students can begin programming and understanding ladder logic from day one.

The Mechatronics Training Difference

We’ve chosen the CLICK PLC for its simplicity and user-friendliness, which is perfect for first-time learners. Our training is about demystifying the world of PLCs and making the learning process as smooth and accessible as possible.

Join us in focusing on the core of PLC training, and empower yourself with skills that are versatile, practical, and highly sought after in the industry.