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PLC Training Student Focused

LMS ready


Our Mission

Providing tools, equipment and learning for Mechatronics. 

Helping people find a brilliant career in mechatronics.  With the job outlook so strong, the need to up skill so strong helping make people.  

Learn more about ‘Why’ and passion for this Trainer see About_Us.

Guiding Principles

  • Experience training technicians for decades and have found a few things that guide all we do.
  • Remove bumps in learning
  • Don’t over teach
  • Create video learning that is short and addresses the objective being learned
  • Have fun in the learning process!

Industrial Components

Ready to go labs & eLearning

Instructor Training

  PLC Trainer designed for Teachers


A modern industrial layout and style that allows for future user expansion in IoT / Industrial components. Powered by a PLC that includes multiple IoT technologies, easy to program and understand for the beginner and yet powerful for any tasks.



Short bites of eLearning created to lead a learner one step at a time from beginner to mastery of PLC concepts and logic.

Lab Exercises

Lab experiments that are classroom tested for success to new learners with no prior knowledge. We embed formative assessments to ensure learning and comprehension.

LMS Option

Looking to import the course into your LMS?  We can work with many LMS packages; directly with Canvas.

Need totally Offline – We do that as well!

Teacher Training

Virtual training for K-12/college educators to support instruction and their students.


We built the systems with standard industrial components and provide technical support.

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